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Danik Frazer

October 14, 2019

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For many women who’ve had the unfortunate and life-changing diagnosis of breast cancer, the very last thing they want to think about, or even can think about, is how to style themselves. Things like clothing may very well seem so trivial in the grand scheme of things. Then comes the day when they’ve not only accepted that they aren’t a victim to this horrible disease, but rather, a warrior fighting back, or a survivor who has overcome all odds. When that day comes, we’d like you to do it with flair.

Typically, in the course of very strong chemotherapy treatment, thanks to the targeting of rapidly dividing cancer cells, healthy cells like the vessels that feed hair follicles are a casualty to the drugs. Unfortunately, once you begin chemo, it may not be very long until you lose all of your hair. Many women consider having hair and having a lot of it, part of their expression of femininity, and the involuntary loss of hair is like stripping away an essential part of them. Well here at Flair, hair is completely optional, but if you’re not there yet, we have a few suggestions for you to accentuate your other features until you are.


The wrap never left. If anything, with the global repatriation of black women to their ‘roots’, the wrap has only got bigger and even more stylish. Thanks to Anita Clarke, you, too, can lean on your ancestors for strength in style with beautifully bold prints to match your personal style. “This is a cute way to get in touch with your feminine side.” Clarke said. “You can get very flamboyant or soft and subtle,” and we agree. AnnClarke Apparel even carries stylish headbands for those women who aren’t perturbed by showing their scalp.


If you’re looking to give your scalp some time to breathe, there’s no better way to accentuate your beautiful face than with some gorgeous statement jewellery. Curio Accessories, designed and crafted by Patricia Samuels, is one such way to divert attention when you’re still finding your footing in your new normal. Flair understands that no one wants to break the bank to look their best, and with Curio, you don’t have to. Patricia’s most elaborate earrings are about $2,500 and start at only $1,000 and you can be sure you’re supporting a Jamaican brand. If you’re not big on big earrings, there are necklaces, which can add drama, accentuate your neckline, and be a conversation piece.


The idea of having to continue in restrictive and elaborate ‘girl boss’ ensembles has to be exhausting when sometimes all you want is simplicity and comfort. Well, comfort is chic. With the continued supremacy of athleisure, we can be sure comfort wear will continue to have its day in fashion court. Well, Jamaican-made brands like Likkle but Tallawah by Sue Rickman are a perfect example of what comfort and ease of wear and access can look like. Not having to undo heaps of buttons and zippers, especially if you have no help, can be all you need to have an excellent day.

Story by: Danik Frazer
Photos by: Shorn Hector & Gladstone Taylor


Danik Frazer


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