Mom and daughter team creates Divine Events

Khanique McDaniel
Khanique McDaniel

June 15, 2021

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“A unique experience” is what Shannon Wynter promises if you choose Divine Events for your next function.

Shannon (left) and mom, Althia Wynter.

In 2018, the now 27-year-old and her mother planned a friend’s wedding, and after rave reviews, the mother-daughter duo decided to leap into entrepreneurship.

With no formal training, Shannon and her mother, Althia, enrolled in classes at HEART Academy, and Shannon continues to learn the business as she is currently studying wedding planning when she isn’t performing her duties as a physiotherapist.

This is how she met recent clients Gladstone Taylor and Michelle Gordon-Taylor. Shannon was the physiotherapist who worked with Michelle’s teenage sister, Kimberly Gordon, who had sickle cell disease. She died in January this year, and Shannon believes that this bond with the family contributed to a seamless planning experience with the couple.

“Initially, it was very hard because at the time, I had also lost someone who was like a sister to me, but it made it easier for me to relate to Michelle and the family. I knew how they were feeling, so I said I would do everything I possibly can to make this process easy.”

Something Gordon-Taylor attested to as she said that five months before the wedding, she had nothing to do but wait.

Shannon, however, extends this level of service to all her clients as intimate conversations and time spent with the couple or organisers are how this team prefers their planning.

“I love the creative process – going back and forth with the client and bouncing ideas off each other. It’s very nice.”

As such, her favourite part of event planning is seeing the vision come to life. Something she credits to how detail-oriented both she and her mom can be. It makes what could be a trapeze act, doing business with family, always “fun”, said Shannon.

Not even the strains of a pandemic could slow down the team of two as they pivoted into signage when events began to decline as the country responded to the spread of COVID-19.

“I can honestly say that [event signage] is definitely something we get a lot of orders for. Every week, we have at least three or four signs for events going out.”

The plight of the pandemic is, however, not lost on the part-time medical professional.

“It’s been stressful, but we have to understand that the pandemic is real. Every target I have set for this company, I have met and sometimes overachieved. I am grateful to everyone who has ever supported this business and continues to do so,” said Shannon.

When asked why people should choose Divine Events, Shannon had this to say: “Divine events was created to give unique and different events. We don’t create standard packages. Everything is unique to each client.”

Khanique McDaniel


Khanique McDaniel

Khanique McDaniel is a social media coordinator at The Gleaner.

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