Marketing professional Moniqué King dives into skincare

Sade Gardner

March 25, 2022

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As a skincare enthusiast, Moniqué King has always enjoyed treating her skin to moisturising rituals, but there always seemed to be an uncomfortable compromise.

“No matter what product I used, I’d always feel hot,” King told Flair.

As a marketing professional, she sought solutions to the problem through extensive research, and trial and error, which ultimately resulted in her own skincare brand, Bodi Blendz, which uses shea butter as the key ingredient.

“Shea butter doesn’t clog pores, so it doesn’t matter the temperature or how much you rub on your skin; you don’t feel hot. That was my main reason for coming into the market, because I wanted to find a product that would not make me hot but still makes my skin soft, smooth and supple.”


January will mark two years since she launched Bodi Blendz, and the brand impresses with dual-purpose products like her ‘Hair & Bodi Butta’, whipped and blended by hand.

“I don’t like being a product junkie, and I don’t like having many products for different purposes,” King said. “I know that my ingredients are very natural and can be used in the hair and on the body because I did my research.”

With scents including coconut, peppermint, and tropical bliss, the Hair and Bodi Butta comprises mango shea butter, vitamin E oil, coconut oil, and essential oil, thus promoting skin and hair moisture, repairing damaged skin tissues, and acting as a natural SPF.

Bodi Blendz also has dual-purpose lotion bars and lip balms. Other products include a cinnamon-infused ‘bodi’ oil, noni and honey-infused liquid black soap and soap bars. During the pandemic, King added a clothes and hand sanitiser product, which comes in ginger and mandarin scents.

“It’s my bestseller now, which I think is because of the pandemic,” she said. “The main ingredient in it is alcohol, and it is infused with cinnamon. Because it is scented, I have clients who use it as a body spray, but it is meant to be used as a sanitiser spray.”

King has found opportunities beyond the online space during the pandemic, white-labelling some of her products to Canada and the United Kingdom. She’s also been supplying nail salons and barbershops. The strides are building blocks to her vision for Bodi Blendz.

“I want my company to globalise into international markets like the UK, Canada and the US. I want my business to be known worldwide like Lush Cosmetics, the MAC brand or Bath and Body Works — that’s the standard I’m looking to bring my products to.”

Until then, she continues to put in the work and just recently debuted new fragrances and wax melts, as well as revamped beauty soap bars and an improved hemp lip balm.

To contact Bodi Blendz, call 876-445-3011 or visit @bodi_blendz on Instagram.



Sade Gardner


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