Morgan’s Creek Has Your Man Crush Needs

Latara Boodie
Latara Boodie

October 28, 2019

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Times have changed and men have changed with it. Many are now fully invested in developing a skincare routine to ensure they look, feel and smell great on any occasion. Known for its luxury handmade skincare line, Morgan’s Creek has decided to generate products catering to the needs of the 21st-century man.

“Our products cater to both men and women; however, we do have shower gels with a more rustic scent in the form of shower gels and lotions,” said Joni-Dale Morgan, managing director of Morgan’s Creek Ltd. The scents that men mainly indulge in include amber, sandalwood and bergamot.

“We have the lotions that can be paired with the shower gels to have the nice set. We tend to put them in the bottles with the pumps because it is easier for them,” explained Morgan. Morgan’s Creek also makes products for ingrown hair which is a continuous pain for most Jamaican men. “The thing with ingrown hair is that you need to keep the area moisturised. Our ingrown hair oil has castor oil and rosemary essential oil which keeps the face moisturised and allows the follicles to pull forward,” said Morgan.

When it comes to face wash Morgan’s Creek specialises in several types, depending on your facial needs. For men, they highly recommend the charcoal and bentonite. “Both help to pull toxins. Most times men are not going to go through the entire routine like a woman, where they use a toner etc. What this does is cleanse the pores to prevent any unnecessary breakouts,” she explained.

Over the years, the customer feedback has helped to tailor the products made by Morgan’s Creek based on their desires and requests. “This allowed us to move into a wide range of products. Based on conversations with our male customers, they needed something for their ingrown hairs and oils for their beards. Understanding that they take so much pride in how they look, even more than women nowadays, we decided to have stuff specific for them,” said Morgan.

In just three years, Morgan’s Creek has expanded and moved into Sovereign Centre where they currently have their only retail outlet. “When I was diagnosed with lupus I had to change my entire skincare routine. So I came up with a line that was sensitive enough with fragrance. The line started with soaps and lotions,” said Morgan. Her 2020 goal is to have her products distributed in other stores, which has already begun. Visit for more information.

Story by Latara Boodie

Photos by Gladstone Taylor

This story was originally published in the August 26, 2019 issue of Flair.

Latara Boodie


Latara Boodie

The desk's resident fashionista, Latara Boodie’s interests are as diverse as her talents. Twenty-five-year-old Latara has a degree in experimental biology and divides her time between penning fashion and beauty pieces and saving the species.

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