‘Nicely’ done — Local designer strikes gold with gown for Elaine Thompson-Herah

Krysta Anderson
Krysta Anderson

December 9, 2021

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Elaine Thompson Herah collected her award for World Athlete of the Year at the World Athletics Awards 2021 in an ornate gold gown by Kadian Nicely Exclusive.

Last week, all eyes were on the incredible Elaine Thompson-Herah after she was named the Female World Athlete of the Year at the World Athletics Awards 2021. The fastest woman alive accepted the honour and posed with her trophy adorned in the most exquisite gold dress. The designer behind this winning confetti gown was model-turned-designer Kadian Nicely.

Nicely discovered her fashion design dream when she was 19 years old, and she hasn’t looked back since. At the time, however, she wasn’t a spectator, nor was she helping out and waiting in the wings. She was actually a model strutting on the runway of Style Week Jamaica. “I did my first Fashion Week as a model, but then decided that design is actually my passion, so that’s where I got started into the business of fashion design,” she explained.

Trending tulle, fringe, ruffles, plaids, puffy dresses, puffy sleeves and streams of radiant colour, you name it, this fashionista has made it, and it is always ‘Nicely’ done.

This is Nicely’s second time working with Thompson-Herah, and the self-taught Jamaican fashion designer was honoured when she was chosen to make her dress for the awards ceremony.

“I was excited to do a gown for her. I wanted to make something that was outstanding, and I think I achieved that by making a dress that was different. I recommended the material and she co-signed it. I was elated to get that opportunity. And I’m super grateful that she chose to work with me,” she told Flair.

Some of her other celebrity clients include Kasi Bennett, partner of the fastest man alive, Usain Bolt; social media influencer Tanaania Tracey; and recording artistes Nadine Sutherland, Marcy Chin and Sevana.

Flirty, sexy, feminine and daring, with a splash of grandeur, the looks from Kadian Nicely Exclusive embody that fiery spirit, presented in a classy and elaborate manner. “My style is exclusive. You will never see another designer with them. People always come to me for a special occasion, when they’re doing something grand, exciting and picturesque. And I go all out for my clients.”

Her creative process leans towards building a collaborative rapport with her clientele, exchanging thoughts and engaging in discussions surrounding the ideal silhouette, material and style. The reception so far has been really good. And already, she has the greatest appreciation for the love and support received from her fellow fashionistas, who are always willing to patronise her brand.

Fashion designer Kadian Nicely is dressed ‘tulle’ perfection in an original design.

Running a business is never easy. But with natural talent, unwavering love for design, tips and tricks from veterans in the business, and a pure passion for fashion, this entrepreneur continues to grow with each stitch, creatively and professionally. She hopes to expand her brand and learn new and thrilling things along the way.

Nicely’s designs is on Instagram, @kadiannicelyexclusive.


Krysta Anderson


Krysta Anderson

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