Nicola Mundy making a difference in corporate finance


March 22, 2021

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Having been at communications and entertainment firm, Flow Jamaica for the past eleven years, Nicola Mundy knows a thing or two about what it means to climb the corporate ladder. The finance manager is of the firm view that advancement in the workplace should be determined by ability and not gender.

“I believe the selection of individuals for roles within the workplace should be based on their ability to meet the required qualifications, skills and experience to competently complete the job function. Gender should not be a factor.”

Nicola Mundy moved through the ranks of corporate from the position of an accounts payable officer to her current position as finance manager.

That’s a principle the dedicated, hardworking Mundy has held over the years as she moved through the ranks of corporate from the position of an accounts payable officer to her current position. She does acknowledge that many women face gender bias in the workplace and supports workplace policies that seek to eradicate those behaviours.

“At Flow, we see this in practice where more and more females are given the opportunity to be part of senior leadership and executive teams based on their ability to successfully do the job,” she expounded.

The accounting and finance profession was previously considered a number-crunching back office job. With globalisation and the advancement of technology, however, the workforce became more competitive and the profession transitioned from the back office to an advisor and strategic partner function.

According to Mundy, “More and more women have found this field to be an excellent career choice and as such are willing to develop the necessary skills and discipline to be competitive and perform at the highest level. Women bring to the industry their own unique style which is by nature collaborative with the focus of adding value.”

Her advice to aspiring women and girls: “You can achieve whatever you set your mind to achieve. The path to success does not mean you will not face challenges and failures; within these challenges and failures, however, are opportunities for greatness. Dream big and put in the work to achieve those dreams.”


Mundy highlighted that her role as finance manager has afforded her an opportunity to support an amazing team of professionals that spans various functional areas. “The role requires development and implementation of operational controls over financial reporting that boost investors’ confidence. Additionally, I’m tasked with building a well-rounded diverse team, motivating and guiding them to becoming future leaders,” she shared.

The St Andrew Technical High School alumnus believes that every leader should develop and coach their team to the point where this is reflected in their actual performance. “Having a very diverse team requires meeting each member where they are and guiding them through the necessary growth processes. As such, I am constantly challenged to find the best strategy for each individual and to effectively coach them.”

She credits her inner-city upbringing for her drive and determination to succeed and to strive for excellence. “I decided from a young age that I would not allow myself to be defined by the neighborhood I grew up in,” she shared. Indicating that this has propelled her to promote the growth and development of other women through her membership in the Institute of Chartered Accountants. She currently provides mentorship and guidance to young women in their career choices and assists university students with accounting practices.

She also finds time to relax by attending to her garden, taking a walk, watching a good movie or playing netball.




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