One Bag Ah Tings with Mishonie Swack

Stephanie Lyew

June 7, 2021

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Mishonie Swack’s handbag is perfect on the go, even if it is only for a quick check-in at District 5 for brunch. “Once the bag is cute and fits my personality or style, then it has my attention. This handbag definitely fits the occasion, and it goes with my outfit,” revealed the fiancée of District 5 Executive Chef Brian Lumley.

We caught up with Mishonie Swack at District 5, where she was making a quick check-in for brunch.

“I consider this as my go-to bag, because when you look on it, you don’t see a specific type of style. It can be worn with anything, from a nice pair of denim pants and a white T-shirt to [a] cute little dress. Hey! It can even complement swimwear,” added Swack, whose style is casual chic.

Before she emptied the contents of her bag, she shared that labels, brands and trends are not important, and that she is rarely found wearing clothing and accessories because of the tag.

She said, “Instead of brands, I focus on versatility. I’m not the kind of girl that goes with what’s trending or trendy … I prefer the timeless pieces.”

Does Swack believe the brown watermelon-shaped or semi-circle handbag will last through the decades of fashion?

“Yes, I do,” she responded.

The first thing Swack pulls out is cash, along with a card pouch with her debit and credit cards, as well as her driver’s licence.

She laughed, as if in response to the dazed expression on my face, and then explained, “I have to ensure I have enough money on me. Think smart. It’s not all the time card machines are reliable.”

Masks and hand sanitisers are must-have accessories, she says, so, of course, she had those in her bag. The hand sanitiser is attached to her keychain, which also has a keepsake from a party she attended, and her Express Fitness access card, but it’s not that she’s been hitting the gym regularly.

“It’s on my keychain so I don’t go on the road without it, but I’m on a break from the gym right now,” she said, adding that she has intentions to head back now that summer has begun.

She has a pack of Eclipse gum and a Vita-Lip Coconut Oil lip gloss, and she also carries around a flat-top foundation brush for touch-ups.

“Be prepared,” she said, looking over the things she fits into the small bag; but in comparison to her work bag, “this hardly has anything in it”.

“The one I take to work is a big bag to carry documents and toiletries and everything I could possibly need,” Swack said.

Swack works at the Port Authority of Jamaica as a quality assurance analyst and trainer. However, on a day like today, a Sunday morning out with friends, she’s traded in her work satchel for something smaller, she said.

“I have bags of various sizes in my collection, from small to the oversized that can fit sandals, bottled water and snacks, that type is reserved for the out-of-town trips,” she concluded.


Stephanie Lyew


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