One bagga ah tings with Dania Beckford

Jessica Harrison
Jessica Harrison

February 3, 2020

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We’re back again putting our nose where it doesn’t belong; in people’s bags. This week, proprietor of Broadtail Designs and Brand Communication Specialist Dania Beckford happily obliged our cameras and questions. Dressed in a cobalt blue dress pants paired with a sleeveless monochrome turtleneck blouse, she took her seat. “I hope it’s interesting enough for you, let’s go,” she said as she opened her one-year-old blue Tory Burch tote.  

Tech Things

Every candidate of this feature has some amount of technology toting around with them, and Dania is no different. There’s her phone, phone charger, a pair of earphones, and within a Michael Kors pouch, she carries a thumb drive, her MacBook Air and its charger.

Beauty Products 

 Being a sucker for woman-run local businesses, Dania does not leave her house without a few beauty products from Morgan’s Creek. Avoiding ashiness is a priority, and so we found a hydrating facial mist and a blueberry hand cream. “The face gets dry, especially with make-up on, so the facial mist comes in handy, and so does the hand cream,” she explained. Most people never understand why women need more than one lipgloss or lipstick for the day; Dania carries three along with a Mac face powder and powder brush. “Oh! Almost forgot, nail file!” she exclaimed.  

Baby Stuff? 

 Apparently, being a new mom means having it nearly impossible to separate your personal belongings from that of your baby’s. A baby blue canister of wipes, her son’s favourite toy, and last, Ovol Colic remedy. As we looked at her, confused, she said, “My son eats everything in sight when we’re out. It helps to be prepared.”


 Now, this is our favourite part, the random stuff people need or don’t need that just happens to be lying around in their everyday bag.

  •  Purse? Check. After all, which woman doesn’t have a purse for cards, money and spare change? 
  •  A pair of earrings. “Sometimes I have things to do after work and I want to change my look. These go well with the pair of Bridget Sandals I have in my car.”
  •  Mosquito Vape products. This one made us laugh. The Vape mosquito repellent, we understand, but who on earth walks around with a plug-in mosquito vaporiser and vape mats to match? Dania does. “I’m not playing with these mosquitoes,” she said playfully as we judged her. 

  • Safety pins. “Things are always coming undone. A seam, a hem or maybe a zipper. I’m always prepared,” she said. 
  •  Plus-size tape measure. Very business savvy. “Just in case I meet another broadtail who wants to adorn herself with pieces from my brand.”
  • Water bottle. Thermos bottles are in and this one is quite cute with gold glitter. 
  •  A snack. Always being on the go Dania may miss a meal and a pack of Ovaltine biscuits might save her life. 
  •  Pens. If you’re around her, make sure you hold your pens close! Dania has a bag full of pens and has no idea where they came from. 
  •  Car keys; because she drives everywhere. 
  •  Best friend’s house keys. With no shame in her game, she explained that every mom needs her alone time. “Living with a baby means no sleep and sometimes I just need to get away and rest.”

Story by Jessica Harrison

Jessica Harrison


Jessica Harrison

Just six months in, Jessica Harrison is the newest member of the Flair team but, in that short time, she has surely been cemented in everyone’s mind as a woman who is full of life, expression, and vibrance. One who is filled with unapologetic flair and PIZAZZ and discovering and marching to her own beat.

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