Racquel’s epic 30th birthday

Racquel Leslie
Racquel Leslie

November 18, 2019

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You are only 30 once, right?

I knew my 30th had to be epic. There is this daunting feeling about turning 30 but I’m finally here and I decided I was going to make the best of it.

In July, surrounded by a group of my amazing friends, I made my way to Cancún for a four-day trip.

There we checked into the beautiful Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resorts and Spa. The architecture of the newly built hotel was beyond beautiful. The staff was helpful and friendly and the restaurants were divine. We had an absolute blast on our first night in Mexico as we headed to the world-renowned Coco Bongo nightclub. It was nothing short of epic.


Located in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, the Cenote Hubiku was absolutely beautiful. A cavernous, natural, freshwater pool – the experience was surreal. Water trickled down the centre of the cenote and created beautiful droplets at the bottom. On location, we were taught how to make tequila and had the opportunity to taste all the variations on the market. Drunk much. The lizards, however, had us tumbling over walls and stairs. The locals claimed they were friendly, but I’m Jamaican!


Where to begin? This large pre-Columbian city was built by the Mayans. It occupies four square metres, and is probably one of the most beautiful ancient ruins I’ve ever seen. I haven’t seen such, but it was beautiful. Chichen Itza means “Mouth of the well of Itza” as it is believed that the Mayans believed in water medicine. We scouted while listening to Mayan history and enjoyed every aspect of our adventure.


The water babies ventured to the water park. We started our day with our deep-sea ‘bob adventure’. We sailed for approximately 30 minutes until we reached ‘the deep’. Then we ventured 70 feet below the surface. AMAZEBALLS! Minus the diver’s ear. After our dive, we ventured off to the Aqua Twister. It is as it sounds. Picture yourself in a boat, drifting and riding the waves. Just four girls on an adventure.

Racquel Leslie


Racquel Leslie


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