Refocusing your thoughts with Nakita Barnett-Hamilton

Jessica Harrison
Jessica Harrison

March 16, 2020

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From the small town of Alps, Westmoreland, an educator, author, and motivational speaker with a master’s degree in educational administration has written a book geared towards people who want a more fulfilling life experience. 

Having been through the motions of life, paired with her passion for seeing young people remain focused on their goals, Nakita Barnett-Hamilton launched Erase Too: Don’t Take Life 2 Seriously

“The book seeks to encourage readers to holistically embrace themselves while living a joy-filled life. It emphasises the importance of living positively and maintaining healthy relationships whilst strategically navigating the ‘stresses’ of life,” she explained. 

It was definitely not an easy road to success for Barnett-Hamilton as she was faced with various challenges, self-doubt being one of them. Questions surrounding her competency raided her mind, but in the midst of it all, she held on to her goals and had no choice but to believe in herself, and her support system grew. Sometimes it was words of encouragement, and other times, it was monetary contributions. Giving special thanks to a friend who resides in Canada, Carol Edwards, Barnett-Hamilton recounted another challenge. “My computer crashed in the midst of writing the manuscript, and I had to complete it on a phone. Carol stepped in and was up with me night after night via video call and helped me to do the book layout,” she said. 

Barnett-Hamilton also believes in actively working towards goals, and so at the back of the book, readers can find a reflection area for journalling, illustrations, and various puzzles to help them along the path to self-actualisation. 

 Barnett-Hamilton left a bit of advice with Flair: “Though the woes of life will come upon us, we have the strength to pull through. Put less attention on the negative. Pause and see what is going right and how you can improve on those things.”

To get your hands on this motivational self-help book, check Amazon or simply follow Nakita Barnett-Hamilton on Instagram @Nakita_bh. 

Story by Jessica Harrison

Jessica Harrison


Jessica Harrison

Just six months in, Jessica Harrison is the newest member of the Flair team but, in that short time, she has surely been cemented in everyone’s mind as a woman who is full of life, expression, and vibrance. One who is filled with unapologetic flair and PIZAZZ and discovering and marching to her own beat.

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