Romantic gestures and adventures of Romain Lewis and Camille Simms

Krysta Anderson
Krysta Anderson

August 23, 2021

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On any given afternoon, the spontaneous Romain Lewis will show up in the driveway of his significant other, Camille Simms, with the most romantic of gestures to deliver. These range from a single rose, a get well care package, to a print of his drawing or his most recent adventure, a scavenger hunt. Gaining popularity via social media for his valiant efforts, Flair wanted to find out more about how their love journey began.

Meet this week’s ‘Take-Two with Flair’ couple, Romain Lewis and Camille Simms.

When the Take-Two team arrived at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, the happy couple was already on a mini-date at the Blend Bar. The two proceeded to take a stroll hand in hand around the beautiful garden, becoming one with nature while cherishing their bliss with a loving kiss or two. From there, they got cosy on the love sofa of one of the hotel’s luxurious suites. But before things could go any further, in true Romain fashion, he honoured tradition by surprising his love with a timeless gift: a watch to match his from Time Is Of The eScents. In awe, Camille humbly responded, “Baaaabe.” No better way to start this interview.

A love so swoon-worthy, many wonder if they can have what Ro and Cam Tato share.

Dating back to six years ago, the pair met by chance at the gym and worked out a unique friendship. Romain describes Camille as the most beautiful distraction, and she discovered from earlier on that this man of logic possessed the most giving personality and paid attention to details. They most certainly were the right fit for each other.

With sparks aligned and hearts intertwined, the dynamic duo was so caught up in the whirlwind ‘tour de romance’ that an official anniversary date could not be declared. They surmise that they might have sealed the deal in the fourth month of the year, and with that estimation, they proceed to choose a week, opting to celebrate, or postpone, based on each other’s schedule. This is just one of the many unconventional approaches that makes this beautiful couple click.

The buzz behind the romantic gestures recently surfacing on social media has always been the artist’s form of expression. “He has been like this for years. I really like the little things, small actions that show that you’re noticing and you care,” Camille said. She recalled a time when a dilemma at work resulted in her shoes giving way. After putting up a snap notifying others of her stress, her knight in ‘suited’ armour came to her rescue, purchasing a brand new pair of heels that matched perfectly with her work attire. “What was she going to wear?” A good question, to which he provided a solution. Although he operates on practicality, she marvels and is impressed by his refreshing approach to love.

That, for Romain, is truly important because it is necessary to be reassuring, supportive, spontaneous and fun. “We are in a relationship. She doesn’t owe me, and I don’t owe her. We give without expecting anything. If something comes back, we express gratitude.”

Their love story dates back six years ago when they first met in the gym. They’ve been ‘fit’ for each other ever since.

Although he is quick to go to the defence of his comrades when comparisons are drawn on public platforms, he does admit that it boils down to effort, and some men aren’t putting in enough within their relationships. “A lot of times, I’m surprised to hear what some of the men aren’t doing. Jamaicans are talented people, so that means Jamaican men can be very creative. If you make the decision to be in a committed relationship and see where it is something valuable to you, then invest in your partner,” he said.

So who is more introverted? They both share that character trait, but Romain is willing to engage more on a professional basis; Camille is less inclined to socialise. Romain continues to send her good morning texts; this customary act is a great way for Camille to kick-start her day. On paper, they appear to be polar opposite. But as you peel away those layers, it is evident that they share a connection so deep, each partner is given the room to explore their individual interests outside of the common adoration for adventure. To the sweet end, he is the Anime to her Hallmark, the Ro to her Camo Tato (a fusion of Camille and sweet potato), the rock to her steady, and the spice to her paradise.

Krysta Anderson


Krysta Anderson

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