Sashane Harris-Anglin feeds hope with ‘Half a Bread’

Krysta Anderson
Krysta Anderson

February 8, 2021

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Angst, pain and suffering, and at the end of that dark and winding tunnel, a beaming light of hope encapsulates Sashane Harris-Anglin’s transformative book.

The motivational book is available for sale on Amazon.

Half A Bread 32 Days of Motivation, with Journal is, as the name suggests, a motivational book which documents the author’s life journey. “It speaks to aspects of my life, from my inability to read at the age of 12 to my frightening encounter of attempted molestation on the part of my brother, which led to my aggression. But at the heart, it explored how I became an overcomer from hopelessness, late-blooming to success,” she revealed to Flair.

She never saw herself becoming a writer, let alone a published one. Growing up, she was shy and reserved. It was easier to jot down her thoughts, hopes and dreams, instead of speaking on them. She only viewed writing as a necessary means of expressing herself and as a well-needed form of self-therapy. “Journalling became a great passion of mine. Expressing my pain in this way helped me to heal. And eventually, writing functioned as a way of expressing how I felt about various issues,” she said.

The book offers encouragement in the face of adversity, challenges you to shift your mindset and step into your destiny, “With the global pandemic affecting many mentally, we need motivation on a daily basis”. It also includes a journal, which allows readers to write down their own thoughts.

And because Harris-Anglin had been writing for years, she had in her possession a plethora of material to pick and choose from. But even the traumatic experiences were triggering to recount. “I felt frustrated many days, and I questioned myself so many times. I questioned God. What was I doing? But I was determined to get my stories out because I want to change the mindset of late bloomers.” What was even more daunting, and left her blindsided, was the printing process. It presented the biggest learning curve.


With many questions swirling in her mind, she wasn’t sure who to turn to. She had very little knowledge on publishing books, marketing strategies, and how to get her books in the various stores. The process was both tedious and expensive. “The publishing company did not offer a lot of guidance, and I was very disappointed in that,” Harris-Anglin shared. But she remained steadfast, in hopes that she would spread the word, shed some light and inspire others in her shoes.

Once she crossed those hurdles, it was time to settle on a name. Her encouraging book required an equally moving title. So Harris-Anglin ran with one of the stories featured within the book addressing the theme ‘half a bread’, “In Jamaica, we say, ‘half a bread is better than no bread at all’,” she shared on the cultural representation. After toying with three different names, her friend Janice Beckford recommended that she use ‘half a bread’ to create curiosity and interest with the readers once they saw the title.

‘Half A Bread 32 Days of Motivation, with Journal’ documents Sashane Harris-Anglin’s life journey.

Since uploading the book to Amazon on March 31, 2020, the feedback has been amazing. Readers have described it as inspiring, empowering, motivating, intriguing and interesting. The only flaw they could find was with its length, noting that it is too short and they can’t wait for book two. The author has since engaged in virtual readings and motivational speaking. Additionally, she is in the process of answering the call and is currently on the 12th chapter of her second book.

Outside of the writing world, the wife and mother is interested in entrepreneurship and volunteerism. She is an active mentor with the HEART/NSTA Trust and the Women’s of Destiny Big Sister and Little Sister Mentorship Programme.

On her downtime, she enjoys a comfortable mix of activities. “I love romantic movies, spending time with my family, listening to motivational speakers and music. I am a lover of food and enjoy my own company at times.”

A true testament that you are not your circumstances and with the right outlook and commitment, your story can [take] a turn for the better, she advises anyone with a writing dream to follow your passion and use their story to change the world. “Do your research, seek out information from other authors, and do not be afraid to reach out for help. You will never know whose lives you are going to change by just writing the first chapter. So go for it!” she said.

Krysta Anderson


Krysta Anderson

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