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Rocheda Bartley
Rocheda Bartley

November 4, 2019

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Shanique Francis is a talented make-up artist who has been leading conversations about the latest lip trends. Recently, she sat with Flair to share how you can mix and match your favourite lipstick colours or try new options to get with the trend.
An expert with brushes, liners, and everything that concerns make-up, she showed Flair four eye-catching styles that have become hot topics in the beauty world.

Ombre looks are running the streets hot. Francis said it’s one of the easiest looks you can pull off, and you don’t have to be an expert to get it right. Just follow the details.

It’s mixing two colours of your choice. For this beauty session, you’ll want to start off by using the brighter shade. Apply it only to the outer parts of your lips. The inner parts should be left for the lighter shade. Here’s a secret to obtaining a smooth ombre look. Use the same brush to apply both colours. This way, they’ll flow into each other and blend easier, even when you press the lips.

The natural look never goes out of style. You can choose to go for a neutral daytime look that’s perfect for work, lunch or anywhere that you’d like. A gloss and lip liner are all you need. But if you want to take it to a higher level, you can grab a natural shade lipstick – this one will last longer, particularly if you’re using a 24-hour lip colour.

Again, you’ll need to line the lips. Add the colour if you want and pop a little gloss over it. And you’re ready to go.
“It’s a popular flesh tone look. You can get a tinted gloss instead of a plain clear gloss. You cannot go wrong with this one,” the make-up artist said.

Dark lips are also a favourite.

Persons are not afraid to do darker shades anymore. Before, they were hesitant. Now, there’s a shade by Maybelline called escapist that fits anyone, whether you’re dark-skinned, light-skinned or in between like Francis, this shade is perfect.
It’s dark but it has a lot of plum. If you can’t find this shade, Francis recommends that you choose burgundy. That’s because the undertone of these options goes exceptionally well with whatever shade you are.

“Remember when you’re lining the lips to follow the natural line. However not every lipstick needs a lining. Dark colours don’t. It’s mostly the lighter shades that need to be lined,” the professional explained.

This is a night look but, like Francis, you can rock it during the day time.

Every girl should have a red lipstick. Just as natural lips, you can always get away with sexy red lips.
“Red lips are always around, especially during the Christmas season,” Francis told Flair.
One of the best things about this colour is you can dress it up. A little gloss over matte red makes a completely different statement than a simple red. Lining the lips, too, can make a beautiful difference with this number.

There are lipsticks that are 24 hours, so they will not budge no matter what you do. To remove the colours, use baby oil and make-up wipes.

Now go ahead and try these awesome suggestions. See which ones fit you best and show the world your style.

Shanique Francis may be found at EC Make-up Bar at Shop 20-21 Little Premier Plaza on Constant Spring Road. Or call 876-828-9521.

Story by Rocheda Bartley

Photos by Shorn Hector

Rocheda Bartley


Rocheda Bartley

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