Shavelle Styles With Ease

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April 20, 2020

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A life of easy transitions, accentuating simplicity through popping accessories. That’s what defines Shavelle Mayler’s style.

The entrepreneur and public relations extraordinaire knows a thing or two about turning heads. So Flair went into her closet, during the quarantine and chill mode, to get a better sense of her unique and chic fashion.

Her style is inspired by her personality, which is the determining factor of each outfit for any specific day or occasion.

“I am very much laid-back, so most times I dress based on how I feel. I always go for comfort first. Feeling comfortable really boosts my confidence, which results in me not only looking good but feeling good too.”

Sticking to neutral and solid colours, she adds pizazz with her love for prints. She considers herself a leopard baby and isn’t a big fan of floral. She will, however, rock a nice pinstripe. “Anything too bright scares me,” she confessed with a laugh.


The two, both professional and personal fashion, correlate and translate into rocking looks. She works in a creative industry, so she shies away from complicated wears. If given the opportunity, she will throw on a jacket or blazer and a nice pair of shoes to dress up her outfit, and strip down, returning to a less layered look by happy hour after work.

While many place emphasis on making apparel the star of the show, Mayler highlights supporting style roles. “I usually put a lot more effort into my make-up, shoe choices and accessories. I believe a pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. So, I’d definitely say a banging pair of shoes have got people’s attention. I always apply make-up suitable for the occasion, and wear something comfortable so that I can strut with confidence,” she revealed.

Trends currently jumping out on her fashion radar include oversized jacket dresses. The very stylish look gives off a ‘don’t mess with my vibe’ feel that Mayler adores. Biker tights, she says, will make any girl feel sexy: they are easy to dress up and dress down for any occasion. T-shirt dresses are another of her favourites: can be thrown on without asking for much effort. “As a mom and businesswoman, they really come in handy when I’m in a rush,” she said.

The vintage lover shared that when she goes shopping, it’s usually for fashion over trends. Furthermore, half of the clothes she purchases are not worn right away. Vintage never goes out of style, she asserted.


With self-care playing a big part of Mayler’s everyday life, she divulges her skincare and hair are routine. Every night before bed, she tries as much as possible to scrub, cleanse, tone and moisturise her face. Morning time is dedicated to cleansing, toning and moisturising, “Using my Aveeno moisturiser with SPF is a must. I only keep on make-up just for the duration I need it for. I take it off as soon as I’m back home. I have sensitive skin so I try not to overuse scrubs. And I get a facial at least once every other month.”

Although this naturalista loves her hair, she admitted that it can sometimes be a pain. Requiring plenty of moisturiser to maintain its health, she washes every three to four days to prevent product build-up, which can lead to hair damage. Putting enough products in her mane for it to absorb the moisture overnight, she only uses a minimal top-up for the next couple days until it’s time to wash once again. She also incorporates protective styles to give her hair time to breathe, providing a little relief from everyday combing.

Her advice to persons with the desire to discover their own style is to identify your comfort level and grow from there. “From there, you will slowly but surely figure out your likes and dislikes, which in turn helps you to figure out your style. Also, identify your best features and highlight those. You will realise it becomes a breeze after that.”

Other than sharing priceless moments with her daughter, Mayler spends her time ‘off the runway’ reading. “It is a favourite pastime of mine and one I indulge in as much as I am allowed.”

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