Sister act creates ‘floral explosion’ at road march

Stephanie Lyew

July 11, 2022

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Cora-Ann Robertson Sylvester made a ‘blooming’ statement with this floral explosion. PHOTOS BY RICARDO MAKYN

Carnival bloomed in a different way for sisters Cora-Ann Robertson Sylvester and Margaret Reid. From playing dress up as children, to playing mas as adults together for many years, it has always been about self-expression and self-love.

Both wore floral-themed costumes that were specially designed for the carnival celebrations.

“I always wear a regular costume and not having been on the road for three years and three days I wanted to just come representing myself,” Robertson Sylvester told Flair.

Although the assembly was not done by her, she “contributed to the design and in choosing the flowers”.

She called it the Floral Explosion, and while the ‘fêteran’ had on more clothes than most of the revellers, she definitely was the firecracker that received a lot of attention.
Noting that Jamaica 60 celebrations are around the corner, Sylvester said that the yellow flowers were selected to be representative of her home.

She said, “The two prominent colours, pink and yellow, are two of my favourites, but I absolutely love that yellow is similar to sunshine which is what our country is known for.”

Her sister used red flowers, which have a range of symbolic meanings through different cultures including courage, life, love and passion.

Her costume was on the more elegant side as she opted to wear a nude bodysuit with a sheer skirt of the same colour to complement the red.

“I believe carnival is anything you want it to be. It’s a time to come out and express yourselves and Cora and I have been doing this for so long,” Reid said.

They did not have the Junior Carnival experience, but believe it was a way for children to get into character and have fun.

“We’ve been playing mas from the beginning of Bacchanal. This is when we choose to let out the little child, the time to let out the little girl to come out and play just as we used to play dress up as children. This is beyond costumes and feathers,” Reid shared.

Margaret Reid chose a nude bodysuit with a sheer skirt, designed by Alberto from Cuba. She said she showed him various designs and they came up with the vision together.

The sisters are already looking forward to Carnival in Jamaica 2023 and they want people to be on the look out for more.

“Just make carnival what you want to make it, just as we do,” they said.

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Stephanie Lyew


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Stephanie Lyew