Stacey Hines wants to help you kickstart the new year

Debra Edwards
Debra Edwards

January 17, 2022

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Epic Transformation founder and chief executive officer, Stacey Hines, has partnered with ‘Flair’ for a free masterclass on January 23.

For Epic Transformation founder and chief executive officer, Stacey Hines, success is dynamic, and at this stage of her journey, she’s operating in a space that allows her to simply feel good. It’s the way life should be. “Whatever it is that I’m doing, I feel successful if I have peace of mind, joy, contentment and am living in my purpose,” says the Balanced Lady Boss.

It is with this mindset and drive to help others that Hines has partnered with Flair to bring the public a free masterclass dubbed Begin Your Year With Flair, slated for Sunday, January 23 on at 1 p.m.

The new year brings hope and an energetic shift that makes it a great time to double down on your intentions for your life, which will give you the ability to step into the reality you crave. The Begin Your Year With Flair masterclass will give you steps towards achieving success for 2022 and onwards, helping you set intentions towards what you yearn for. This will include tools for self-empowerment, mindfulness and effective planning that will help in all aspects of your life.

What makes Hines an expert? It all started with what she calls her “life collapse”. Diagnosed with breast cancer and clinical depression while simultaneously going through a divorce, she journeyed out of this tumultuous time in her life with the help of therapy, coaching and doing the inner work to thrive. She accredits attaining many of the principles that she will share in Begin Your Year With Flair masterclass for ultimately saving her life. “I could have avoided some of that ill will that happened in my life if I had these principles before,” says the mother of three.

Through her own learning and growth, Hines crossed over into her purpose without even knowing it, and with the desire to share all the things that had saved her, she began to help others. She communicated the advice and tools she learnt with great success, starting with friends and family. It then moved into the workspace, where her fellow employees also began to benefit from her advice. À la media and lifestyle maven Oprah, she then had the ‘ah-hah moment’ that she was apt at helping many others flourish and avoid certain pitfalls.

“At the beginning of the year, it’s a really great time to allow yourself to refocus your efforts around what you actually want versus around the things you are experiencing that aren’t aligned with what you want,” she says. “It’s been scientifically proven that when you plan towards a particular thing that you are more likely to achieve it. There is something [energetic] and [scientific] that happens in our minds when we commit to something we have in our thoughts, and persons who plan tend to have a higher percentage of success than those who don’t.”

Ideas are great, but it is all about the execution, and the Begin Your Year With Flair masterclass will help you plan to execute while empowering you to make 2022 an extraordinary year.

“Every day, we have the opportunity to create the life experience that we want,” says Hines with emphasis. “Every day. And we can be unapologetic about it. We can choose to change our minds when we want to, and it can be in any area of your life. There are no boundaries or limits to what you can create for yourself, and you have the ability to do that every moment you step into a new day. The areas that people typically struggle with (work, love, health, finances, etc.), they have the permission to step fully into whoever it is that they want to be, and this is the masterclass that will help them to bridge whatever gap they have to live their best lives.”

Registration for the Begin Your Year With Flair masterclass begins Wednesday at Follow @flairja on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Debra Edwards


Debra Edwards


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