Stephannie Coy caters to cravings with BlueHouse

Krysta Anderson
Krysta Anderson

April 13, 2020

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Where there are no words, food seems to be the perfect substitute: to express joy, to numb the pain, and to celebrate every special occasion. One person who has made it her mission to cater to cravings is Stephannie Coy.

Coy has always had an affinity for the wonderful world of culinary. “The process of creating food was always something that excited me,” she said. When she was a young child, she recalled, she stayed up late at nights with her mother and, sometimes, her stepmother to endure the baking process with them. In school, her favourite subject was – you guessed it – food and nutrition, which she did up to the GCE O’Level.

‘The process of creating food was always something that excited me.’

Even after walking away from her dreams to address other pursuits, her passion for the palate was still cooking through countless hours spent online looking at nutrition-related facts, learning about foods across different cultures, and understanding the power of flavours and how to use them in interesting and creative ways. “I would describe myself as a foodie as I am always in the kitchen experimenting, going out to try different foods, as well as indulging in recipe content on Pinterest, YouTube, or Food Network, and even those from the newspapers,” she revealed.


Food was like this long-lost love that kept resonating and reconnecting with her. In 2019, it finally found its way back to her heart with a business opportunity. Baking, specifically, stood out to her. So, she took a chance and started BlueHouse Bakery and Catering, just to get a feel of the market and the many desires of the taste buds. “The experiment went well, and by December 2019, BlueHouse was a registered business,” she said.

Dabbling in catering, she jumped right into baking, specialising in a wide variety of cakes to mark all significant occasions. She also explores an assortment of cupcakes, cookies, and even puddings. But her focus for this season? Easter bun. The managing director explained that with the pandemic looming over the country, it is important, now more than ever, to bring some cheer to your life by celebrating Easter. “No matter what happens, the sun rises and sets each day. I think it is important to keep a level of normalcy as the crisis has not uprooted all the things that we love and enjoy as a people. The Easter season, though culturally relevant, grounds us spiritually as it reminds us that there is a hope to look towards and that God is in control,” she said.


She hopes to spread this hope through her homemade Dragon Stout, Guinness, or Malta Easter bun. Unlike the boxed buns, these flavours are unique to Jamaica and will be sure to spice up your appetite, leaving you wanting more. She also provides the option of gluten-free buns.

So if you’re looking for rich, authentic love for the black, green, and gold in one mouth-watering bite, then Stephannie Coy and BlueHouse Bakery and Catering have the ideal Easter bun, just for you.

You can see more of her delightful desserts on Instagram: @bluehsebakery or Facebook: Blue House Bakery and Catering. And persons interested in sinking their teeth into this amazing Easter bun can contact BlueHouse Bakery and Catering at 876 848-1341. Deliveries and curbside pickup are available within Kingston.

Story by Krysta Anderson

Krysta Anderson


Krysta Anderson

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