Stylin’ with Alison

Latara Boodie
Latara Boodie

September 2, 2019

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When it comes to being unapologetic, daring and trendy, Brand Communications Manager Alison Moss-Solomon is a firm believer in mixing and matching to create the perfect look. From edgy to subtly sweet, Flair takes a trip into the different textures, patterns and prints that come from Stylin’ With Alison.

“When I buy my pieces I buy based on if its pretty or if it looks nice. I don’t purchase things thinking what do I have to go with this,” explained Alison as she gave us the breakdown of what’s inside her closet.

Alison’s closet is easily the most organised wardrobe we have ever encountered. If she could label each item we are 100 per cent sure she would. 

“I am OCD so I have divided my closet into two main sections, work and going out,” she laughed.

Within each section, each item is also compartmentalised for tops, trousers, jeans, skirts and dresses according to colour. 

This in-depth configuration of her elaborate closet stemmed from her life in England as a young adult. “Back then, I accumulated a lot of pieces and I was able to change them out each season,” she explained.
Shopping cheap is a mantra she lives by, which she learnt from her father at a very early age. “He was Chinese and an accountant, and he did not believe new clothes were necessary until you cannot fit into them anymore or they were torn,” said Alison. 
Her innovation and creativity soared as she was forced to purchase fabric to make new items of clothing. “While everybody was wearing a brand of coloured jeans I would have to buy coloured fabric, so when I made my jeans they were not like everybody else’s,” she said. 


This taught the fashionista how to make something cheap look expensive. “I learnt to buy items that were on sale and learn to mix and match.” She rarely buys a suit. She  prefers to buy separates. “ Usually, my tops and bottoms are different and then some dresses, which I mainly purchase for special events,” she explained. 
To keep things fresh, Alison mixes things up by alternating her outfits each day of the week. “Every Monday I wear a dress, on Tuesdays I wear a top and pants. Every Wednesday I wear a dress, then on Thursdays a top and pants. On Fridays I wear a dress-up jeans or a nice pants; it depends on how I feel that day,” she explained.  
For Alison, the secret to pulling off any outfit is having an attitude. “If you step out as if you are the best-dressed person and you know exactly what you are doing, then you can actually pull it off. I’ve pulled off things that I should not have, because I know I am conceited and I have an attitude,” she laughed.

Keep that closet current! Alison Moss-Solomon’s styling tips

1. If you have to go out a lot, purchase simple pieces. You will be able to wear them repeatedly and nobody will notice.
2. If you have a lot of clothes, then you can rotate the pieces every five to six months. 
3. With Instagram everything is out there so everybody knows. Make sure you can rock the same outfit differently each time. That’s how I do it. 
Story by: Latara Boodie
Photos by: Gladstone Taylor
Latara Boodie


Latara Boodie

The desk's resident fashionista, Latara Boodie’s interests are as diverse as her talents. Twenty-five-year-old Latara has a degree in experimental biology and divides her time between penning fashion and beauty pieces and saving the species.

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