Sugar boss Richelle Parchment building her empire

Krysta Anderson
Krysta Anderson

December 13, 2021

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Sugar boss Richelle Parchment has major plans to build her empire. ‘I’m calculated and intentional with my approach to business,’ Parchment told ‘Flair’. PHOTOS BY NICHOLAS NUNES

A sweet hair removal alternative to waxing – sugaring graced the beauty scene a few years ago and has already pulled out all the stops in providing the ultimate organic approach for women to look and feel their best. Locally, sugar boss Richelle Parchment, an innovator of the method, has major plans to build her empire.

For the chief executive officer of JustSugar Beauty Bar, the expansion, both locally and internationally, is something she has always dreamed of. Her sugaring journey began as a small business operating from the comfort of her home, and gave clients a feel for the new frontier in self-care.

The consummate professional explained that the art of sugaring is in its natural appeal. For those who live in fear of the pain that comes with waxing, this is probably the better choice, since it pulls the hair and not the skin. The resulting sting only lasts for a quick moment, subsiding soon after. “This technique is also great for women who have sensitive skin and may react unfavourably to traditional waxing,” she told Flair.

As word got around town of her fabulous work, Parchment’s customers quadrupled in number. The sugar boss then realised that her pursuit had outgrown its cosy space. So she opted for something a little bigger that would still be geographically appealing for her JustSugar babes.

However, the journey to finding that ideal location was more complicated than the sugaring technique. “Renting anywhere in Jamaica, whether commercial or residential, can be very expensive. I’m calculated and intentional with my approach to business. So after developing a nice clientèle who was accustomed to sugaring in a certain area, I didn’t want to throw anyone off course,” Parchment said. Not wanting to be labelled as the girl who sugars from her house, her desire to secure a professional space that supplied a sweet mixture of accessibility for her customers and affordability for her overhead costs, grew.

The quest for such refinement took Parchment a whole year to realise. You can’t rush perfection: when you know, you just know. “The day I went to look at the place, I saw a rainbow. It could just be mind over matter or superstition. But I took it as a sign that this was where I was supposed to be, that this was for me. The property was a hot commodity, and I was a young entrepreneur putting in my bid,” she added. When the landlord chose her, she said she was surprised, based on the competition. But, at the same time, she wasn’t surprised because this was something that she had been praying about for a year, and it just felt right. The space in Liguanea would soon become her official sugar headquarters.


Richelle Parchment, chief executive officer of JustSugar Beauty Bar, covers the December 13 edition of the ‘Flair’.

Renovations quickly got under way and included all the amenities for the store. Meanwhile, on Instagram, JustSugar continued to beguile new and existing customers. Since closing the home space in December and opening the doors of her quaint getaway two weeks later, the clients have been enchanted by its luxurious comfort and charm. Shoes are removed and left by the door, to align with the pristine ambience. A bathroom visit and hand wash later, they are invited to explore the wide range of sugaring services. These include upper- and lower-body sugaring (arm, legs, bikini, deep bikini, Brazilian, and much more); brow artistry; lash lifts; and sweet additions, namely, ‘facials’ for the vagina – ‘vagacials’ – and underarm.

Speaking of the ‘vagacial’, the ‘sugarista’ shared, “We find that a lot of women weren’t raised on caring for their vaginas. You get a steam to open your pores, exfoliation, a high-frequency treatment, extraction and a mask, depending on what the issue is.” Noting that the process doesn’t stop at one treatment, she is a fan of continuous therapy and promotes that cause by providing her 2 Lips home care kits in store for purchase.

“The plan I have for my business is to be international, with different franchises,” the bold businesswoman declared. She is building her sugar empire, expanding locally to another location in Kingston and putting in the necessary preparations to start her sugaring franchise overseas. Talk about making sweet boss moves!

Parchment’s advice to aspiring boss babes looking to create a business but don’t know where to start: do your research. Understand your target audience; do they have spending capacity? Is it interesting enough? Where would you be offering these services or products? There are no bad ideas, she says; the timing might be off, or the location might not be ideal, but no bad ideas. “Also, don’t compare yourself to others. Consumer habits are changing frequently, so stay up to date so you can elevate your experience. Find your ‘why’, have a plan, save towards your goal, execute and put in the work. The journey will be difficult, but it will be rewarding. Believe in yourself and invest in good staffing: customer service is very important,” she added.

Parchment’s advice to aspiring boss babes looking to create a business but don’t know where to start: do your research.


Richelle Parchment was shot on location at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, 81 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5. The Jamaica Pegasus is on Instagram and Twitter, @jamaicapegasus. Call (876) 926-3690 or visit
Photographer: Nicholas Nunes
Outfits provided by: Rose’s Couture, 14B Half-Way Tree Road, Kingston 5, St Andrew.
Rose’s Couture is on Instagram, @rosescouture1. Call (876) 754-2092, email or visit
Cover designed by: Tennesia Malcolm

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