Tanya Lee Stays Ready

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December 9, 2019

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One Bag Ah Tings took it out west this week and unpacked a few things from renaissance woman Tanya Lee. While it would have been 100 times better to have seen her sport her white tuxedo dress in person, something she found while reorganising her closet (wouldn’t we all love a peek into that space), we were happy to just talk with her over the phone. “I hope the noise isn’t bothering you, I’m still at the hairdressers’,” she said, while multitasking with work. We went straight into digging around to find out, what’s in her bag?

First up, Lee carries a tape measure. Yep, that’s right. “I’m a marketer!” she defended the unconventional addition to her bright yellow Tahari leather tote, her bag of choice since it can hold all she needs. “Maybe if I can admit it, I’m kind of OCD and I prefer to measure everything myself.” When she explains herself, it absolves her completely. Knowing the size of the spaces she’s using without having to guess or rely on others is the peace of mind anyone can use. “I feel like marketers will understand,” she teased easily.

From her ‘sanitary bag’ is something pretty interesting if you’re into make-up and skincare blotting sheets. “Maybe you can’t tell but I have oily skin,” hence the blotting sheets. “On the fly, I’ll have to meet people and I feel great when I look great, so I need them.” She laughed. We couldn’t help but notice the Food Network magazine in her bag. All the night owls know that The Food Network is premium night-time TV to bring out your inner Gordon Ramsay. “I’m never without a magazine actually, I’m definitely a magazine junkie.” She uses the magazines for inspiration in-between her casual reading. The food mag also acted as a subtle nod to her one vice, snacking, hence the gum. “I’m always chewing, I’m the one people at work comes to for snacks.”

Speaking of reading, Lee is never without her books, including her own The Winner Within. “Every time I see someone they ask me where they could get it.” Ever the businesswoman, she keeps her product on her person at all times even though they are in store. This modern woman of tech keeps her handy journal close. Also nearby are her favourite watch and Cartier fragrance.

While she’s clearly not averse to using her laptop to get some work, Tanya Lee prefers to keep it analogue with her journal that she uses to jot down notes, ideas or keep organised. Speaking of analogue, the watch she carries around as a keepsake was a parting gift from her SportsMax family. We love mini bottles and Tanya Lee keeps not only one but two! Her favourite fragrance from Cartier, ‘Baiser Vole’ and the other, a hair polish she got from Collection MoDA, which she loved enough to add to her grooming kit.
Like everyone before her, there was good-natured resistance when the time came to cut back. “I cannot get a top-five, don’t even try it!” but ultimately, Flair won out and Tanya Lee gave her choices.


  • Laptop
  • Notebook with pens (that’s three!)
  • Lip gloss
  • Her book

Now we know you’re loving that flat lay from Tanya Lee, but we’re gonna share one of her little secrets. She took some stuff out, a stress ball here, the novel Lest We Find Gold by Melanie Schwapp there, but most importantly, one of those things were the slip-on socks she uses to be able to walk around ‘barefoot’ in the office. Her preferred state of being “Hashtag do not judge!”

Story by Danik Frazer


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