Terri-Karelle’s bag ah tings

Danik Frazer

December 2, 2019

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It’s hard to miss the incoming of one of Jamaica’s sweethearts, Terri-Karelle Reid, as she entered the Toyota Jamaica Coffee Shop. Modelesque and black-swan chic in her monochrome outfit, a ruffled-sleeve blouse and black elongating ripped jeans, even the other patrons stopped their clacking to pay attention. It’s no wonder the people there lost focus, it was the indomitable Terri-Karelle, equipped with her bright, friendly smile and sure gait, even in pumps. “Hi!” she greeted and leaned in for a quick hug before sitting.

Terri-Karelle chose the space and, given the large windows letting in lots of natural light, along with the comfortable and stylish seating, it made complete sense.

“I’m kind of a neat freak,” she warned before she opened the flap of her Jamaican-made Bresheh backpack revealing the neatly organised contents inside and kicking off this week’s ‘What’s in your bag?’.

She orders her coffee in sign language from the DeafCan barista (she prefers chai, but they’re all out). She’s apparently interested in languages, admitting later on that she’s attempting to learn Mandarin as well. Then we begin to unpack. “I love books, I’ll buy the print and the audiobook, so when I’m in the car, I can listen.”

From her bag comes three totally different books she’s currently reading simultaneously. “As soon as I’m finished one, I start another.” Making time to read is important for her so she never finds herself without something to read. Two other items you’ll never catch her without are her iPad and laptop, both safely tucked into their own colourful and padded Vera Bradley sleeves.

In her bag:

  • Phones (one Android, one Apple)
  • Laptop and iPad (sleeves included!)
  • Three of her current books
  • Journal
  • Kate Spade purse
  • Perfume
  • Asthma pump
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Flashlight
  • Business card holder (of course!)
  • Passport

Next up is the cutest little bottle of perfume you can imagine, Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf; nothing too big, just enough to dab as necessary. “I have a child so this is necessary.” she produces another mini bottle from the same pocket and this time it’s hand sanitiser; something to which we’re sure all the moms can relate.

Now, we at the Flair do not want to tattle on Terri, so all we’ll say is this asthmatic is responsibly carrying her pump wherever she goes, which should make her mom a very happy woman. One other thing she frequently travels with is her passport, for those “Just in case…” moments. And we get it, it pays to be prepared, especially when you’re in demand.

Terri-Karelle’s bag is pretty comprehensive, even holding an emergency flashlight and business card holder, but hidden away in her car is the real treasure, her shoes of which there are, “a lot,” she bashfully admits, and we won’t reveal how many. “I usually have a blazer in there as well as a ‘personals’ bag.”

Essentially, Terri-Karelle is ready to go from ‘day-to-night’ with the change of a shoe and the addition of an appropriate blazer.

When she had to choose her ‘can’t live withouts’, Terri-Karelle had a bit of a crisis, something that happens to all our ‘What’s in your bag’ subjects. She negotiated, however, and got to choose five things, and those were:

  • Her laptop
  • Phone
  • One book
  • Car keys
  • Passport


Danik Frazer


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