The mother-daughter love of Carlene Smith and Crystal Davis

Krysta Anderson
Krysta Anderson

May 4, 2022

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Carlene ‘Dancehall Queen’ Smith takes us down memory lane to her earlier years of motherhood with baby Crystal.

A mother’s treasure is her daughter. That’s a sentiment that resonates in the minds and hearts of mother-daughter duo, Carlene Smith and Crystal Davis. Davis, who considers Smith her very best friend, would agree that her mother is her greatest treasure as well.

Twenty-three years ago, life as this dancehall queen knew it changed for the better, the moment her bundle of joy, who she named Crystal, entered the world. As a nervous first-time mother, Smith explained that the pregnancy road, while paved with good intentions, was rockier than she could have imagined. “I had morning sickness throughout the day. Then I met in a car accident and had to have a C-section,” she told Flair. But everything changed when she finally got to hold Crystal.

“She had to spend some time in the incubator, so finally getting to hold her for the first time was awesome. I had created a life and that was awesome,” she revealed. Months into her new role, Smith’s maternal instincts kicked in after fully grasping the responsibilities. Noting that she has always been motherly to other children, this experience was different. There was no return to parent; Crystal was her world and she shouldered that leadership role with great pride and joy.

Dressing in similar fashion has always been a pastime for this unique mother-daughter pair.

As baby Crystal grew into her own, so did Smith’s love for her. She couldn’t help but notice that they began sharing similar interests: a fondness for movies, music, the same type of food, and a passion for fashion. They even walked alike. Crystal chimed in to say that they are both night owls. “Wake us up before 12 p.m. and we’ll both be miserable,” she shared with a laugh.

“I remember having a centre table that’s made of glass and spins. Crystal would go up on that and pretend that she was performing. It was scary because the table spins, and we would take her down. But it was so beautiful to see because her parents are performers,” Smith reflected on one of her favourite memories.

Amazed at her daughter’s beauty, growth, and tenacity, Smith has remained her biggest cheerleader, encouraging her fighting spirit. The duo both describe each other as thoughtful, caring and nurturing, humorous and loving. Although they hold down the roles of mother and daughter, they are also best friends.

“She tells me about 99 per cent of everything and I tell her about 60. I still have to maintain that motherly side of me. There are certain things I will never tell her,” Smith declared.

On paper, Crystal Davis and Carlene Smith are daughter and mother; a role which they proudly own. But in reality, they are so much more than that. These best friends continue to love and support each other through everything and it is a beauty to watch this mother-daughter flower grow, blossom and bloom.

Davis cherishes the quality mother-daughter time that they share: going on the party scene, cooking and cleaning together, playing games, and going to the river and the beach for a swim. “Our unique bond helped me to become the strong adult and confident adult I am today. Mommy loves me unconditionally and she puts me first. I hope in the future when I become a mother, I’ll be just like her because I don’t think she did anything wrong in raising me. Carlene ‘Dancehall Queen’ Smith is the world’s greatest mother to me and I love her,” the third-year university student reflected.

Raising a beautiful human being has been Smith’s biggest reward. “Crystal does well in school. She is respectful and just an amazing young woman. I wouldn’t do it any other way.”

It’s important for parents, mothers especially, to share that special place with their children, Smith maintains, sharing nuggets for first-time mothers: “Study and learn your baby. And if you don’t know, read, ask questions, google. Don’t just do it because you want them to become you. Watch your child, learn his or her personality and let them be themselves, with parental and maternal guidance, of course. Listen to your children and allow them to express themselves in a respectful way.”

Krysta Anderson


Krysta Anderson

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