The Multifaceted Alexandra Daley

Vanessa James

June 29, 2020

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It seems to be the norm to take and post photos, thoughts and probably jokes on social media these days. But, imagine getting an unexpected fan base where persons start sending direct messages expressing how much they love your work and that they would love to partner with you for promotional reasons. Before long, you are someone others look to for advice and inspiration and you become — a social media influencer. Well, Alexandra Daley (@just.lexi.simple) does not have to imagine this scenario as this is her life.

Now, she sets up models and takes her own photos; and her passion for the art is so strong that once she gets an idea, she cannot rest until she gets it out. Daley explains that she has benefited from being an influencer, not just with the free merchandise that she receives, but also on a personal level.

“I get to challenge myself and my creativity. I am not going to lie, some stuff that I get or some ideas that I have are really boring and I have to think of ways to make it interesting so that it is not just about strawberries or pizza or people wearing earrings’,” said Daley.

While Daley is enjoying the life of a creative, she has the responsibility of a nine-to-five as an account executive which, she says, “gives her a high also – just a different type”. She realises, though, that there has to be a balance between her two loves. “In the mornings I will take pictures, maybe before the sun comes up, or especially since its summer now, you know the sun is up from like 5:45 and then at about 7:00 I get ready for work. I compartmentalise time for work, and on weekends I use that time to create content as well, so, really, I just find a balance,” explained Daley.
She is also a lifestyle blogger. However, she expressed that this particular venture was a place to share her voice and position, but it is still being worked on.
“I write for an online Caribbean magazine and I have a voice there, but I wanted to launch out,” she said, “Writing for the magazine, there are some limitations as to what you can write about, but I wanted a place where I could write what I wanted to and what I felt.”
She explained that her blog ( is personal and also informative. She uses the platform to give tips on how to take great photos, along with advice on other topics, and reviews on travelling and some restaurants.


Vanessa James

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