The New Greenhouse delivering happiness to healthcare workers

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April 6, 2020

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While Jamaica’s healthcare system is under increased pressure as coronavirus (COVID-19) cases rise, one company is thinking of spreading good cheer to healthcare workers on front-line duty at two of Jamaica’s biggest hospitals.

The New Greenhouse decided to “deliver happiness” to the doctors, nurses, and janitors at the University Hospital of the West Indies and the Kingston Public Hospital by delivering flowers to them last Friday. Managing Director Nicola McGrath said she felt compelled to do this, given her mother’s 21 years in the nursing practice before she decided to launch The New Greenhouse in 1988. Lorna McGrath spent 1967 to 1988 in the field of nursing and midwifery both in St Thomas and at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital before going full-time into horticulture.


McGrath feels especially sensitive to the task of the nurses and doctors during this COVID-19 pandemic. “My heart goes out to the nurses and doctors on the frontline in the hospitals. I hope our flowers bring some well-needed happiness at a time when our healthcare system will be tested heavily. I want to urge the nurses to take good care of themselves as much as possible because the pressures of the next few months will be hard for them,” she said.

The New Greenhouse delivered over 15 bouquets to both hospitals for adorning the wards, the triage areas, the waiting area for patients, and the personal quarters of the doctors and nurses.

“Flowers make the heart smile. They cheer you up, and our healthcare workers may feel neglected or overwhelmed over the next few weeks, or even months. This is just our way to show that they are appreciated and to urge the public to shower them with the love and gratitude that they deserve,” said McGrath.

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