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May 18, 2020

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For some reason, as I was pondering what to write about this week, one word came to mind: ‘shot’.
Now in Jamaica, land we love, that can mean a variety of things. The first one would be obvious: somebody got shot, whether by gunmen or the security forces.
Thankfully, that’s not where I’m going with this. Another possible definition could deal with anything medical, like the proposed COVID-19 vaccine that so many are adamant they ain’t taking.
Also on the medical side, ‘shot’ (or really, ‘shat’) is a term often associated with when one picks up a venereal disease. The only STI I am looking to ever pick up is a Subaru Impreza.
Mercifully, for the sake of the column, the only shots of any kind yours truly will focus on today are the shots (chances) you take in life (professional and personal) and the ones the bar-loving public will be taking again, starting tomorrow.
But there’s a caution about taking your shot – in both senses: you have to know when to do it and how far to take it.
COVID-19 has had me thinking about some of the shots I’ve taken in life, and also the ones I haven’t.
But here’s the thing. The popular thought is, you regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did. In weighing the two categories, I’ve come up with a tally.
At the time of writing this, the category of regret for things I have done is in the lead. It’s not Usain Bolt physical-distancing from the field in the 2008 Olympics, but there is a big-ish gap.
I suppose the reason for that is I have utter disdain for mistakes, especially ones I feel were avoidable. So if I took a chance that the world agrees was worth taking and it didn’t work out, I will accept that loss.
But for those shots that I had zero chance of making (yes, some of those do exist) and I took them anyway, those misses, I’m less inclined to forgive myself for.
The issue is trying to win the game by scoring while trying to miss as few shots as possible. Both in basketball and life, the two simply don’t always go hand in hand.
The Government, in dealing with reopening the economy likkle likkle, is taking a shot by opening up the bars, albeit for a probationary period, starting Tuesday.
The truth is, I know some people don’t even drink at bars; they just like somewhere to sit down, watch TV or DVDs, chat foolishness, listen the Cash Pot draws, and just hang out.
But it’s hard to hang out if there are no stools inside to use. Plus, the ban on dominoes and other games inside the bar might be a bit tricky to abide by.
But let it never be said that the Government isn’t trying to meet the bar operators halfway. It could be a hit or miss.
Hopefully, the new-infections numbers will continue to slow and the recoveries will continue to soar. It could mean we are getting closer to being ‘normal’ again.
And I, quite literally, will drink to that.

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