Tracy-Ann Spence: Nothing grows inside the comfort zone

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April 11, 2022

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If she had it her way, there would be no boundaries to success, wealth and growth. Chief Operating Officer (COO) of NCB Capital Markets Limited, Tracy-Ann Spence, believes that nothing grows inside the comfort zone.

A proud Wolmerian, having attended both the preparatory and high schools, Spence is a holder of a bachelors of science in applied mathematics and a masters in business administration with distinction (specialising in banking and finance). She is currently pursuing a doctorate in business administration, which she juggles along with leading the Jamaican operations of NCB Capital Markets Limited, the regionally based wealth management arm of National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited.
Between balancing motherhood, studying, planning and executing annual family vacations, and nurturing a thriving sisterhood with her ‘day-ones’, she’s also a master at multitasking.

If this is anything to go by, then the young COO makes it all look effortless. Which is the same energy she brings to her newest role – host of her NCB Capital Markets Limited’s digital film series, Wealth Unlocked.
“Wealth creation goes beyond just knowing what a stock or bond is and investing your money accordingly. It is about holistic financial planning for life’s various journeys – for individuals and businesses,” said Spence. “This programme, which can be viewed on NCB’s YouTube channel or IGTV, seeks to help current and future investors, as well as businesses, understand all the ways in which they can attain wealth – whether its financial, emotional, psychological, or even physical.”

The first episode of ‘Wealth Unlocked’ sees host Tracy-Ann Spence interviewing her mother, Appleton Master Blender Dr Joy Spence.


Insights from those who have tried, tested and proven methods of generating wealth are the cornerstone of the Wealth Unlocked series, and Spence hopes that this will inspire viewers to make their own money moves.

“We explore real stories for the young woman who is unsure of her path in life, and the budding entrepreneur who is afraid to take the next leap,” Spence shared. “It’s also for the CEO who wants to lead his or her team to greatness, and just about anyone who is interested in creating their own path to wealth.”

Spence describes her almost 19 years with NCB Capital Markets Limited as ‘career-defining’. “I have been blessed to have started my career at an organisation that constantly challenges me and pushes me to be better,” Spence noted. “I started out as a junior trader and worked my way up through investments and trading, taking on roles such as trader, portfolio analyst, portfolio manager, vice-president of investments, and now chief operating officer.”

While much of her success has been a result of her own determination and hard work, she acknowledges that being a team player is just as important in her winning the game. “I could not mention my career journey without giving kudos to the great team members I have had along the way that have challenged me and supported me.”

Spence, who is an advocate for women occupying spaces in business once reserved for men, said there is no joy in being the only female at the table – an occurrence she is all too familiar with. “I want to be an example that gender does not, and should not, matter once you have the right aptitude and attitude. I want to help the next generation of women in whatever way I can. Be confident in yourself, and success awaits.”

While her achievement as COO is a standout, Spence cited that being a mother has been her crowning accomplishment.
“Motherhood has been my biggest challenge to date. It has pushed me in ways I did not know possible, taught me things about myself I didn’t know, expanded my heart to new levels and shifted my priorities,” she said, with a smile.

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