Tyone Flair beautifying women in Maverley

Shereita Grizzle

August 9, 2021

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Eighteen-year-old Tyone Scott has had a burgeoning love affair with make-up since the seventh grade. The past student of Holy Childhood High School said, at that time, it was her aunt’s make-up stash that piqued her interest. She couldn’t resist going into the inventory and trying her hands at self-application. The latter, of course, earned her some scolding from her aunt, who took the opportunity to remind her that “make-up is not cheap”. Still, her passion for the art only deepened. Soon, Scott found herself saving her lunch money in a bid to buy her own inventory. Today, with a certification looming to signify her qualification in the professional arena, Scott is the face behind Tyone Flair, a budding beauty shop in her home town of Maverley.

“I was really interested in learning how to apply make-up, and so I started practising from very early. I am self-taught. I watched YouTube videos, picked up some skills from Instagram tutorials. Make-up is always in my feed on social media,” she said, adding that by fifth form, she knew exactly what she wanted to be. “By the time I got to the 11th grade, and there was a career day at school, I knew exactly what I wanted to be. When they asked us to choose what we wanted to be, I didn’t hesitate in choosing entrepreneurship. I knew I wanted to be my own boss, and I specifically wanted to do make-up,” she said.

With her sights firmly set on her goal, Scott took the gigantic leap of opening up her home studio. The beauty stop, located on Stow Road in Maverley, goes by the name Tyone Flair. “Tyone, of course, is my first name, and at the time I was thinking about doing all this, I was really into Ding Dong, so I wanted something that would speak to that. That’s how the ‘Flair’ came about,” she said.

A section of Tyone Flair, located in Maverley.

Highlighting her visions for Tyone Flair, Scott said her decision to set up a base in her community was to build a firm foundation for her brand. She says she sees herself taking her artistry to international levels and feels it is best to ‘dance a yaad, before yuh dance abroad’. “If there is anywhere to start, it’s in your community where persons know you, and you can attract clients easier. Since I set up shop here, people in my community have shown me so much love and support. A lot of them are surprised, and many still don’t know that I do it, but the base is building up steadily,” she said. “I am satisfied with my growth, but at the same time, I am not settled. I have big visions for Tyone Flair, and I am going to work hard to see them come true. I want to have a big salon. A huge, nice space, with receptionists and the whole works. I want it to be in every parish in Jamaica, and then other countries in the future. I want it all.”


But although she wants it all, the happiness of her customers is what she desires most. Admitting that she got into the beauty industry to help persons suffering from self-esteem issues, Scott says applying make-up to the face of a woman who don’t feel beautiful and seeing their reaction is priceless. “What makes me the most happy is helping persons who are struggling with low self-esteem see their worth and know that they are beautiful. There are persons who come to me, and they struggle with a lot of acne, or they don’t feel beautiful. But when they sit in my chair, and I finish working my magic on their faces, it’s like a joy,” she shared. “They feel so much better in themselves, and that motivates me. Seeing my clients happy makes me happy. If I am doing a client’s make-up and they’re too quiet, I start worrying if dem like it. But my clients are always satisfied and smiling at the end of the day, and that gives me the greatest joy.”



Shereita Grizzle


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