Valentine’s Day Wish List

Krysta Anderson
Krysta Anderson

February 14, 2022

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The longest month of the year is over and February is finally here. This means the start of a few occasions: black history, reggae and Cupid season. Love is definitely in the air, so, in honouring the widely celebrated Valentine’s Day, we asked a few persons what their ultimate wish list is. Let’s take some notes, shall we? Here’s what they told Flair.

My Valentine’s Day wish list would include going out in the hills and staring at the stars. It would have to be on a romantic date: when I get cold, he warms me up, kind of settings. If roses are a part of this event, I would appreciate it, too, because that’s a beautiful gesture that I love getting. — Donnette Mason, photographer, in a relationship

I am a sucker for quality time, so my wish list would just be a nice dinner, a movie and a walk. If there’s a learning experience, I welcome that as well, along with the chill vibe. Now, if it’s seriously serious, then a weekend getaway to Frenchman’s Cove, somewhere in Port Antonio or St Elizabeth would be great. Just the drive would be enough for me. — Nicholas Owen, chef, single

These are what are on my Valentine’s Day wish list. A very romantic dinner date or a romantic getaway vacation. We can literally get to spend alone time away from our busy daily lives and get to know more about each other. A well-planned spa day for us both. If we plan to stay at home, I’d love for him to cook me some exotic meals for the day. A day at the beach, preferably on a private beach, chatting and enjoying each other’s company. Or a very romantic bathtub session where we can cuddle, relax, kiss and get wet while enjoying each other. — Ria Rania, recording artiste, single

I wasn’t really thinking about a Valentine’s Day wish list, but the way to my heart is through my stomach. So receiving some Godiva chocolate, Ferrero Rocher can be in the mix, too, with a cute Valentine’s Day card, would be a nice start. [This] followed by a lunch, a date or an outing for drinks, nothing too extravagant, I’m not trying to be in the rush of the festivities. Yummy food with white wine, if home or private dining is an option, would be great, too. I love some ‘sweet up’: body butters and body sprays that align with love themes. – Janine Hyatt, female, massage therapist and entrepreneur, in a relationship

My Valentine’s Day wish would be to have the opportunity to grant my wife a renewal of our vows in a bigger setting, outside of COVID-19 and all this social distancing. We actually were planning this from our first anniversary and said that, on the fifth one, we would do it. Our fifth anniversary is less than [one[ week away. — Linval McKenzie, assistant storekeeper, married

Lead photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash.

Krysta Anderson


Krysta Anderson

Tackles sex and relationships with honesty and openness. For months, she took readers on a journey of self-exploration with personal dating column 'Single but Iffy to Mingle'. Now she's ready for an even bigger adventure.

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