Wearable, Healing Art – August Adorn

Jessica Harrison
Jessica Harrison

February 17, 2020

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Copper jewellery has been around for a very long time, and if left up to 29-year-old local artisan, Jody Thomas, it would live on forever. When fashioned into modern designs, copper pieces are timeless and lift the mood and style quotient of an outfit. 

 “The name August Adorn actually stemmed from both my parents being born in August, and since I’m an extension of them and I’m making pieces to adorn the body, it made sense,” Thomas said with a chuckle. 

 Not only does August Adorn pieces make fashion statements, but they also have healing properties. Having joint problems such as arthritis? Copper has anti-inflammatory properties that are said to reduce pain and stiffness. It also has micro minerals such as iron and zinc. When they combine with sweat on the skin, they are absorbed into the bloodstream in the right quantities. Thus giving those who suffer from any iron or zinc deficiency a simple and effective alternative treatment. Copper is also said to have anti-ageing priorities, boost the immune system, and increase cardiovascular health. 

 “My dad actually wanted me to be a doctor and was quite disappointed when I decided to venture into the world of fashion and entrepreneurship. But, if you think about it, I am helping others to heal with alternative methods so I’m not too far off,” Thomas explained. 

 Forsaking everything to pursue her dreams, Jody Thomas has been getting amazing feedback on her beautiful handmade pieces. It is quite obvious that she pours her soul into each bit of accessory and the proof is in the detail.  She makes bracelets, neckpieces, rings, ear cuffs, and earrings.

To get your hands on these amazing pieces, follow August Adorn on Instagram @augustadorn or call Jody Thomas at 876-478-0197. 

Story by Jessica Harrison


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Jessica Harrison


Jessica Harrison

Just six months in, Jessica Harrison is the newest member of the Flair team but, in that short time, she has surely been cemented in everyone’s mind as a woman who is full of life, expression, and vibrance. One who is filled with unapologetic flair and PIZAZZ and discovering and marching to her own beat.

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