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Tickoya Joseph
Tickoya Joseph

September 2, 2019

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I have lived long enough to realise that we don’t live in an ideal world, and life is not always what we want it to be. The sad part is, sometimes we go for too long without realising our strengths, powers, and abilities. 
We have the power to control our happy endings and perfect imperfections, the ability to find and understand what makes us special, our spark, our flair. 
What makes us special is not linked to any social status or physical possession. It’s not who we know or who knows us. It’s reaching for anything that makes us feel whole, worthy, and happy. Whether that’s a pair of heels that extends our legs by several inches, giving us height to step over obstacles or our ability to exude grace under pressure. 
It’s our ability to feel good about ourselves so that we can have a positive impact on others.
At Flair, we are aware that there is no one prescription for all, and we have dedicated the better portion of our days to creating content that caters to enriching the lives of our readers, to share in your joys, highs, lows, and even occasional banter and amusement. 
For years, we have made our mark in print and online, and now we are ready to leave an even bigger digital footprint with the launch of our new website www.flairja.com and social media accounts @flairja on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 
This first issue of the relaunched Flair is the beginning. We have much more instinctive, stylish, and original content coming your way. 
Yours in Flair, 
Tickoya Joseph
Lifestyle Editor 
Tickoya Joseph


Tickoya Joseph

Every team needs an anchor. Lifestyle Editor Tickoya Joseph is a trained videographer who approaches all tasks with the zeal and precision of a visual storyteller. Though her method of storytelling has shifted, her vision of energising lifestyle reporting remains the same.

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