What are you longing for?

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March 30, 2020

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Life has a way of forcing us to slow down and be with ourselves and our thoughts. Case in point: COVID-19. It’s been two weeks since most of us have been working from home, and the Government has ordered an additional 14 days of restricted movement in the country. As you chat with your friends and talk about the things you miss the most, you wonder if you’re the only one mourning the loss of not being able to entertain yourself with the things you love dearly. Check out what these people are longing for. 

Quarantine life has been very fulfilling, in my opinion. I say this because I am a Jamaican who is studying in Belize, where my studies are very demanding and I don’t get time to do the things I enjoy doing, such as photography (at home), working on my blog, and painting. One thing I do miss is going to the beach and hanging out with my friends.

Dominique R

I miss being able to go out to eat and have drinks with my friends.

Jhane P

What I miss is going to school so I can come back home to Jamaica on time and not stay here in Cuba for the summer. 

Shanize S

As a business owner, I miss being able to interact with my clients as I had to cancel appointments until everything returns to normal.

Monique G

Social distancing has taken away my simple joy of freely giving and receiving a hug from a friend or family member. It has caused me to consider each person’s previous adventures before an embrace occurs. It has also taken away my freedom of truly living and enjoying my island; no longer can I call a friend to go and have a meal or take a trip to the beach.

Regina O

I really miss going to the restaurants, especially Chilitos, and just being outdoors on a regular. I miss going to the supermarket and having the freedom to do so without the anxiety of me getting in contact with the virus. I really miss the parties, especially now that it is soca season, which is one of my favourite times of the year. Overall, I just miss my freedom.

Danielle F

I love working from home, but I want the freedom to go out when I want to. Although I understand the need, I just really miss being around the people I usually choose to spend time with.

Jurnee B

I just miss the freedom to be able to go where I want to without having to worry about the fact that people around me could be carrying my death sentence.

Aliceia D
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