Zhané Robinson, The Minimalista

Danik Frazer

November 18, 2019

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“I was always interested in fashion but I’ve been kind of nervous about not following the trends in Jamaica.”

As we all know, the styling landscape in Jamaica has been fairly rigid. Just one word from the style gods and you could be struck down as unstylish, although that would only affect you if you cared. While that’s becoming less and less true as the years go on, there remain a lot of people who are afraid to take risks. That’s not true for burgeoning fashionista Zhané Robinson. For this recent University of the West Indies grad, her style is evolving and solidifying as the Jamaican fashion landscape is opening up to more avant-garde expressions of style. “I was always interested in fashion but I’ve been kind of nervous about not following the trends in Jamaica.” A sentiment which is well known to a lot of our readers, we’re sure. 


Robinson describes her personal style as “Edgy, trendy and risque with a pop of something!” to stand out, and stand out she does. Whether she’s feeling like a tomboy, corporate or maybe even a little cutesy, she ensures she’s wearing something eye-catching. In recent months, since her trip to Paris, France, Robinson has consistently delivered on simple yet striking style-forward fashion. In her preparation for the family vacation to one of the fashion capitals of the world, home to many notable fashion houses which have defined style for decades and will continue to do so for decades to come, Robinson knew she had to bring her A-game. “This is a place of fashion, it’s where uniqueness happens,” she expressed. “When I found out I was going to Paris, I did my research and planned outfits accordingly.” As it turned out, her plans didn’t go exactly according to plan and she mostly just winged it, yet still came out stylishly. That’s what happens when you have a solid foundation. One notable outfit was her oversized shirt dress paired with two-toned ankle boots reminiscent of Cruella herself.

To tie all her looks together, Robinson says no matter what’s going on, her hair is what makes her look, which makes sense as hair acts as a natural contour. Which if you didn’t know, now you do. “Whatever I’m wearing I plan my hair. Whether it’s going to be in a low pony, bone straight or braided, my hair really makes the look.” And Robinson’s hair is always on point so we know she’s serious about her tenet. When her hair isn’t making statements her ‘no make-up’ soft glam make-up looks are wowing people. “I can’t go without highlights or bronze to look golden with a little contour sometimes and glossy lips.” This minimalist fashionista highlights only her best features with maximum impact via her over-the-top statement earrings she adds as the cherry on top to any outfit she’s wearing. “No matter the circumstance.”

Story by Danik Frazer



Danik Frazer


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